Intense Portrait

In this tutorial I am going to show you a quick and easy way of creating portraits with a somewhat cold and intense feeling. First off you need a nice photo to start with .. I borrowed this from flickr. Open the image in pixlr editor.

The background layer is by default selected so just click “Layer → Duplicate layer” in the menu. You now will have a copy of the background in the right hand layers box.

We now turn the layer copy into grey scale, to achieve that you click “Adjustments → Desaturate” in the menu.

With the grey scale layer selected change the blend mode in the Layers box to Hardlight. The blend mode is the drop down at the top of the layers box. The image should now have a deeper tone in it.

To add some extra focus on the mans face we add some vignette effect. Select the background layer and click “Filter → Vignette” in the menu.
To add some grunge I've also used the Noise filter, you find it under “Filter → Noise”.