Pixlr is a free on-line software and we think that is great! If you like to contribute to the future development of pixlr and the pixlr suite we are happy to accept all type of help like translations, tutorials etc.

You can also help by spreading the word and link to pixlr from your website, blog, twitter etc.

The good guys

  • Michael Krekin (Russian Translation)
  • Gervásio Antônio (Brazilian-portuguese Translation)
  • Dariusz Tryba (Polish Translation)
  • Elmar Natter (German Translation)
  • katopz (Thai Translation)
  • Gregory Meyer (French Translation)
  • Puxxup (Italian Translation)
  • (Chinese Translations)
  • Mif (Spanish Translation)
  • Bogdan Zarchievici (Turkish Translation)
  • Michael Vlastos (Greek Translation)
  • (Dutch Translation)